Music Groups



Come, Make Beautiful Music!

Resurrection Lutheran Church has a vibrant music ministry which strives to include people of all-ages, encompassing preschoolers through senior citizens. Our goal is first and foremost to praise God, spread the Good News of the Gospel, and lead God's people in praise during our worship services. It also serves as a teaching agent of both musical and Biblical ideals, a means for those who participate to serve their God, congregation, and community. Our groups provide a creative and engaging environment providing fellowship and support for its members. Remember, you don't have to be a member to make beautiful music with us. All are welcome to come, and we hope you do!


Music Groups For Youth


Starting This Fall

Youth Choir
Young people from first grade through middle school sing a variety of musical selections, and sing during our 10:30 worship service approximately once a month from September through June. We also do a short musical each year. This year we are singing at the Greene COunty Fair. Rehearsals are on Thursday nights throughout the school year.
Teen Voices
Teen Voices is for Middle and High School students. Teens will sing in a small ensemble in two or three part harmony. Middle school students can be in both Youth Choir and Teen Voices. Rehearsals will be on Thursday nights.
Guitar Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble is a very popular group, co-taught by Mrs. Russo and Pastor Steve. A variety of skills to play guitar are taught and we will divide into groups for beginner and advanced guitarists. We learn both chords and notes. You do not need to have a guitar to join. Rehearsals are on Thursday nights.
Begin to Ring
Begin to Ring is a chime ringing group for beginners. We learn to read notes and bike music, as well as keeping time to play together as a group. We play in church for the Christmas season and traditionally have a bell concert in the spring. Rehearsals will be on Sundays after church for several weeks in the fall and spring.
Junior Bells
Junior Bells is for young people who have some experience with bells and/or reading music. We play bells a few year and will practice after church for several weeks before the Christmas season and bell concert.
Children's Choir
Children's Choir is for toddlers through kindergarten aged children. We meet during Sunday School time and sing in church approximately once a month.
Sunday School Choir
Children in Sunday School will also learn several selections and sing them in church throughout the school year.


Music Groups For Adults


“Music, rightly understood, is the heart and soul of this spiritual dialogue, for it becomes the vehicle through which our praise and prayers to God are articulated, because it is able to move our hearts to express what is too deep for words alone. Music unites our voices and hearts, expressing the reality of the doctrine of the church as the unity of believers...

(Robin A. Leaver)

Adult Choir
The Adult Choir is a group consisting of men, women, and young people who meet weekly and sing weekly at the 10:30am service each Sunday Morning. Currently, rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 7:30 -8:30pm from September through May. The group sings mostly 4-part music, from Bach to Contemporary. Anyone interested is encouraged to join! Reading music is not a requirement… only the love of singing and serving! For more information please contact Pam Slater, Director of Music. 518-622-3020.
Folk Choir
The Folk Choirs are under the director of Shirley Algozzine. The 10:30am Service Folk Choir rehearses following the Adult choir rehearsals on Monday evening from 8:30 til 9:00. They rehearse and sing weekly. The 8:15 folk choir rehearses (to be determined). Both folk choirs provide a slightly different style of music from the adult choir and provide anthems and lead in the songs during communion. Anyone who loves to sing and serve is encouraged to join!
Festival Choir
A Festival Choir is organized to sing at our Christmas Festival in December and for a special Lenten presentation in the spring. Rehearsals are for a month or two before the event and are scheduled on Monday evenings at 8 p.m. This gives those who would love to serve but want a shorter commitment time than singing in Adult choir an opportunity. Watch for notices in the Sunday bulletin for when these rehearsals will begin. For more information, contact Pam Slater (622-3020)
Festival Band
Instrumentalists are welcome to participate in our ministry and are encouraged to do so. A Festival Band is organized for the Christmas Festival in December and includes any instrumentalists from 5th grade through adults. A Festival Brass Ensemble is organized for the Easter services. Occasionally other opportunities arise for small ensembles or soloists throughout the year…depending on available instruments. If you play an instrument and would like to serve in this capacity , please let Pam Slater know!
Resound -Bell Choir
Resound Bell choir is a group of 12 or 13 adults and advanced young people who meet regularly on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30. This group also serves as an outreach and inreach ministry in our church and community. Players learn to read music, learn the different ringing techniques, learn to coordinate their efforts with the other members of the “team” and have fun and fellowship while playing our 4 octaves of Malmark handbells! They play several times a year in church and participate in a gala Bell concert in May with all of the bell choirs. We are always searching for new members as our young people graduate. Please contact Pam Slater if you are interested.




Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.