Grace Place

Respite Care for Memory-Impaired Seniors


One of the more challenging things in life is to provide 24-hour care
for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.
Sometimes it is a son or daughter caring for a parent, but often it is
a spouse fulfilling the vows, “in sickness and in health”. No matter
who is providing the care, it seems to be overwhelming and
never-ending. For these caregivers we seek to provide
some small relief, a little break, a peaceful respite,
and a place of grace.


What Is Respite Care?

Respite Care is providing relief for family caregivers to get a break,
while their loved one experiences positive programs.


Who Qualifies For Respite Care?

Those diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other medical disorders are eligible. To qualify, participants must be able to ambulate independently,
be self-sufficient in the bathroom, and be medically stable.


What Is Grace Place?

Grace Place is designed to meet the social and emotional needs of older adults and their caregivers. It provides activities and socialization opportunities outside the home in a safe and caring setting for older adults with mild to moderate memory loss and/or medical impairments. It provides their caregivers with emotional support, information regarding available resources, and personal time
away during the day, in which to rest and address their own needs.


How Does It Work?

On Wednesdays & Fridays, from 10am – 2pm, the caregiver brings their loved one to the church. During this time, we have fun programming planned such as music, arts and crafts, faith building devotion, body movement, bag lunch, and other appropriate activities. This provides the caregiver with four hours to go to the doctor, go out to lunch, go shopping, go home and take a nap, or
anything else they want – they have 4 hours all to themselves!


Where Does It Meet?

Resurrection Lutheran Church
PO Box 563 / 186 Main Street
Cairo, New York 12413
(518) 622-3286


When Does It Meet?

Wednesdays and Fridays,
10:00am - 2:00pm


How Much Is It?

$20 per day for regular participants.
$25 per day for  occasional participants.


How Do I Apply?

1.) A telephone interview will be conducted by the director, followed by (if potential participant meets criteria) an invitation to visit the program for a day with the participant and caregiver attending. Following assessment an application
will be given to the caregiver to be returned to the director.
2.) The admission application is processed and the applicant
and family are informed of the decision.
3.) The participant/family completes the enrollment form
and a registration fee ($20) is paid.
For more details regarding the Admission Requirements, please see the
"Policies and Procedures Manual" (posted at the bottom of this page).
Enrollment for Grace Place is limited, so please contact us soon!

Want to Apply?

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Start-Up Schedule

Robin Dill, author of "Walking With Grace: Tools for Implementing and Launching a Congregational Respite Program", will travel to Cairo to help prepare our church and community for the respite care program. Robin founded Grace Arbor, a 4-day per week program in Georgia that cares for participants with memory loss, in 2005, serving hundreds of families. She stepped down as director in 2018 to assist churches, such as Resurrection Lutheran, as they consider respite ministries.

Robin will lead “Training for Care” which will train volunteers to assist in the program. Grace Place is seeking volunteers from the church and community. This volunteer training session will be on Saturday, October 13th from 9 am - 1 pm at Resurrection Lutheran Church.

Caregivers are invited to the church on Sunday, Oct. 14th from 3 – 5 pm for an event entitled, “Caring for the Caregiver”, led by Robin. Caregivers will receive insight, encouragement and support for their challenging role. Caregivers will also learn about the new respite care program, Grace Place.


Friday, October 12

Potluck Dinner at church
General presentation by Robin to group


Saturday, October 13

Volunteer Training at church


Sunday, October 14

5-minute presentation before worship
Robin will be available for conversation and questions
(8:15am & 10:30am)

"Caring for the Caregiver" –Seminar for Caregivers


To register for either session or for more information on Grace Place, please call 518-622-3286 or email
Pastor Victor Nelson (


Want to Volunteer?

If you are thinking of volunteering in our respite care program, please come to the Volunteer Training Session (Saturday, October 13th 2018), led by Robin Dill - author of "Walking with Grace: Launching a Congregational Respite Program".

What would volunteers be expected to do? Volunteers would choose their own schedule. They may choose to volunteer from one to four times per month, 2-4 hours at a time - scheduling is very flexible! Volunteers would help the program director with the planned activities of the day. This may include music, crafts, games, worship, a snack, or just talking with the clients. Most importantly, the volunteers will bring life, joy, and love to the attenders and comfort to the caregiver.

Want to Volunteer?

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Policies & Procedures Manual (2018)



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Please Call (518) 622-3286


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